Vegan Say What?!?!

As a way to start off the new year I’m doing a Daniel Fast, which is basically vegan. I have been yearning to hear from the Lord , and what better way than prayer and fasting? Anywho, my overall intention of this 21- day fast is to gain a better sense of my purpose and clearly know when the Lord is speaking to my situation. Typing it out sounds crazy but…I feel like we all get to that point where we question if God even hears or cares about what’s going on in our lives. So now, that we know how le stint of veganism has come about… Let’s get straight to what’s really Poppin. And if you haven’t been tuned into my Instagram (@_cmharry) lately you should check it out!

So, just about every Saturday I try to bring you all some cooking content because 1) I love food and  2) I used to want to be a chef ,*whispers* it might be my new side hustle if you’re hiring . These past two Saturdays have been a bit of a struggle, but in lieu of posting on the gram this weekend I’m doing a brief blog post. Now for the main attraction! My leftover vegan pasta!!!It was “creamy” and delicious.This was super simple with inspiration of from a video I saw from Pinterest, which one exactly? I don’t know.

Everyone who polled was right! Issa vegan

What I used:

  • Leftover Whole wheat penne rigate pasta
  • Leftover Garlic hummus
  • Water
  • A handful of  half spring & half spinach salad mix
  • Mini sweet peppers
  • About a quarter of a small red onion
  • Extra Virgin Olive oil (EVOO)
  • Seasonings; salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, garlic an herb seasoning.

Boom! Drop a little EVOO  off in a nice little saucepan over about medium heat. When oil is hot sauté mini sweet peppers and red onions until soft. Add handful of salad mix, gently stir, this will eventually wilt down from the heat. No worries about actually cooking it down. Drop in your leftover pasta and hummus. OH snap it’s thicky thick, obviously! I added about a cup of water, which was too much for the little bit of pasta and hummus I had. To fix that little error I increased the heat and let it simmer a little bit to get rid of the excess water so the sauce could be more “creamy”.  And that’s it… that’s all!
Image result for players club meme

My mom who is not presently fasting actually thought it was Alfredo sauce… how sway? I don’t know. Overall, it was a nice little Saturday night meal.

As always this has been fun! Be sure to check out my IG, @ _cmharry, and let me know what you’d like to see next! Until next time ….


What happened to my time?

Wait… what happened to the time?
Anyone else have a whole to do list of maybe 5 things and think surely, I can get this all done today? But then life happens? Welp! It happens to all of us and it happens to the best of us. Many people think because I’m a young and fresh 27 that boundless energy flows through my body. PSYCHE!

So on Sunday I had plans:

1. Go to church – check
2. Grocery shop – check
3. Meal prep- umm that’s still loading
4. Wash my hair- not happening
5. Take a nap/ relax- Girl, please!
6. Work on outline for upcoming speaking engagement— you played yourself!

For one reason or another going to church and grocery shopping took a toll on me. Perhaps, I over did it the night before at dinner? Or was it just too much socializing from Thursday – Sunday?

Around Sunday afternoon I realize oh crap my attitude is getting funky hunty! So in efforts to do the highly raved about “self-care”, I stopped and grabbed myself some coffee. Granted, I probably should have stopped and drank it sitting down but I have four more things on my to do list. Crap! So, I go into the grocery store with my coffee in hand and proceed with my list. By the time I’m ready to check out there are lines, and  nothing about my cart says express.

Cashier: Excuse me ma’am I can take you on lane six!

Pure glee enters my soul. I struggle to position my cart in such a way that is efficient enough to take all this ish out the basket. And then being the “perfectionist”  I am I try to sort my groceries by produce, frozen foods, meats, juices, chips, etc. I gave up halfway through… and just began tossing the ish up on conveyer belt realizing I’m the only person slowing me down here. I finally pull my head up from slumping my groceries around to realize there was another clerk at the end of the counter putting my groceries back in my cart. Bruh, the amount of gratitude I had for this man simply putting my groceries back in my cart *raises hands to God*.

I thanked him, and he almost seemed confused. He was. When I explained to him that I simply appreciated him putting my stuff in my basket and that was one less thing I had to do. He said “oh, you’re welcome.”

Another attempt at loving myself I purchased some reddish burgundy , vampy looking roses. I’m presently obsessed with a deep vampy lip because it’s autumn!

Anywho, I get home unload the groceries and start cooking gumbo…Yup, you read that right gumbo. Anyone who has made gumbo from scratch knows that it is labor intensive. I’m talking putting the flour and the oil together and making the roux just the right shade of deep caramel brown. Browning the sausage and chicken, sautéing vegetables, etc., etc. [And if you don’t brown your sausage, I silently judge you. I’ll graciously accept your food because I’m a southern girl,and that’s proper etiquette right?]

By the time I’m done mixing everything together before the gumbo needs to simmer. I’m spent and my upcoming work week is not going to be any lighter. So, I stop take another breathe and push al thel energy I have left from my little pick me up coffee. And managed to get a few breakfast for the week prepared and healthy snacks.

But here I am on a Sunday evening at 7:30pm all wound up sipping Crown Royal XO on the rocks. And wondering where the heck my time went! I probably should grab some food and shut it down for the night because the best thing I could do for myself at this point is to get a full 8 hours of sleep. Now, I know you’re probably thinking you spent a good chunk of time writing this. But it only took me about 30 minutes and I’m not as stressed out. It could be the whiskey? It could be the writing? Who knows?

As the year winds down, many people may be wondering what happened to their time? But the most important thing to remember is to look forward and make the necessary adjustments. Everyday may not be perfect , but repetition and effort go a long way.  So, I encourage you all to take the time out you need to be your best possible self.

Me: *Side eyeing *Life

*sings* Allow me to reintroduce myself.

My name is Camille.

I graduated from Prairie View with a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry, biomedical concentration.  *side eyes* That’s a lot to be proud of right??? Absolutely right! But that was five years ago, and what have I done lately?

And to answer that honestly based on what I feel, nothing.

Instead of focusing on the negative …the better question to ask would be what do I want to accomplish that makes me happy, keeps me interested, and keeps me evolving? I still don’t know the answer to this, but that’s part of self-exploration, no?

I’m guilty of having tons of ideas and never following through on them, rather it be baking, doing hair, blogging, singing, choosing another career path, whatever. A part of the reason is fear and the other part is my need to be perfect, which is unrealistic. *sigh* I’m fairly certain, I’m not the only adult wondering: “what the heck is going on with my life? ” And why can’t I make a flipping decision!  Well, for me a calculated decision that gets me out of comfort zone and on to something new. Because let’s face it, I’m not trying to be out here like Issa on Season 3 of Insecure.  As much as I liked the confidence portrayed in that I quit scene, that’s not a practical solution.

So moving along in this bit of expose…


My mom has been having this mantra late: ” Nothing beats failure ,  but a try.”  And it has resonated with me a bit. I’ve tried plenty of things and failed.  Perhaps the key is to keep trying? Or try something different?  Who knows? If you do ,please tell a sister? No really.  Half teasing, half sarcasm.  Anyway, here’s to trying again and trying something different. Cheers!


I dreamt about you last night. Yes. You. Someone who valued not my friendship. Disregarded how I felt, slapped words together in a meaningful manner.  Yet he cared nothing about the effect of those words.  How naïve could I have been to fall asleep and imagine someone as cold  as you?Giving love to someone as paralyzed as I? My mind dreams of things I desperately  long to suppress , for reasons I am not yet willing to admit. I gave the best way I knew how, time and time again.  And somehow it all meant nothing. Nothing to someone who can’t even acknowledge his own hurt and guilt .

He forged his way into the hearts of many. Giving all of nothing to the women he encountered. He was heartless. Yet deceivingly he gave a  to all those who were willing to believe in a simple smile and a comforting hug.  Yes. I fell for something as basic as a hug and a smile. It mattered nothing about his beliefs , his intellect, or his feelings.  The only thing that mattered to me was the image of a man .